How to Spice Up your Bath Taps on Your Own

As we often spend a lot of time in the bathroom it is worth investing in new bath taps that are going to look sleek and stylish and enhance the overall appearance of the room. Installing these faucets in your bathroom is simple and requires you to choose the correct taps that will suit the style of your bathroom.

Here’s how to install new tap faucets in your home:

Remove your old Faucet and Drain Assembly

When replacing your faucet it is wise to replace the drain, P-trap and drain tailpiece at the same time.

Install the Faucet

If it’s a small facet make sure you place plumbers tape on the faucet stems and secure the nuts under the faucet, making sure the faucet stem is properly aligned.

Complete the Faucet and Fixture Installation

Check for any leaks by slowly turning on the water and attach the stopper assembly in the drain hole.

Install the drain assembly

Apply plumbers putty to the underside of the new drain and press it into the drain hole.

Here are some styles to give you inspiration:

Traditional style

If your bathroom has a traditional look it is probably wise that you keep it this way by fitting taps that are classic and will never date. Mixing timeless materials such as chrome and ceramic is a great way to add a luxurious feel to your bathroom. These kinds of taps will fit in perfectly with a large bathtub and traditional sink and will add a touch of deluxe to any bathroom.

Modern and Contemporary

Perhaps your bathroom is more modern and contemporary and requires bath taps that are sleek and stylish. When looking for a modern bath tap go for styles with exaggerated curves or straight edges which will allow water to powerfully flow through the tap. Modern and contemporary bath taps are usually produced in chrome or stainless steel, meaning that they are hard wearing and will last a lifetime.


Another option is the authentic style taps which are also designed to make a style statement. Perfect for a traditional style bathroom, this kind of tap is simple and suitable for properties located in the countryside.

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