How To Design A Victorian House

These days, people are looking for making their homes look like they came from the past in order to add an antique value to their houses. And one of the most common antique designs is the Victorian style of homes that come into play when users are looking for antique homes. Although developed and popular from the early 19th century, these homes stepped into the new era and continue to play a pivotal presence in the real estate area. Most of the large estates, bungalows and chateaus that we can see today are Victorian style, elegant and majestic.

Steep roofed chimney fitted pitches, eye-catching turrets, wonderful dormers, gigantic towers, awe-inspiring bays, beautiful eyebrow windows, long and well-manicured porches, arched driveways, etc. are some of the most common features of a Victorian style home. These are the most important aspects that make a Victorian home unique and make them have a cut above the rest. With mostly two-storeyed design plans, these homes prefer wood based ornamentation over any other material. Beauty comes with a price and it is therefore to be noted that Victorian style homes are ridiculously expensive. So unless you are ready to shell out a large amount of money, do not go in for Victorian homes.

If you are designing a Victorian style home, make sure there are a large number of bedrooms and all of them specifically need to have bay style windows and nothing else. While you can compromise on the floor area of each bedroom, at least four rooms are what can constitute a proper Victorian home. Now you know why we call it expensive. There are a number of readymade plans available in websites and other online planning organizations but if you want to take a look at properly designed Victorian homes, do go to Second Empire, Italiante, Stick and Queen Anne homes. Happy homing!

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