Buy Bathroom Cabinets To Suit Your Storage Style

If you aspire to a bathroom that exudes a state of zen-like calm, but find that day-to-day you’re bathing and showering in a space that looks like a bomb hit, be reassured that you are not the problem!

Whether you’re looking to create a minimalist oasis or a decorative delight of a bathroom, good bathroom storage is essential. You’ll never be rid of all that clutter (you’ve accumulated most of it for a reason, and bathrooms are product-intensive spaces) – but you need the right kind of bathroom cabinets to store it in.

So, think about your personal storage style. You may not have thought such a thing existed, but it does! You’re looking to find a balance between the kind of storage best suited to the products you buy and own, and the kind of storage you’ll maintain every day, so it doesn’t become as muddled as your bathroom surfaces are at present.

Large cupboards (normally at floor level) are ideal for bulky, packaged, unattractive necessities and cleaning products. Bulk packs of toilet rolls, multi-packs of shampoo… You need these things, but you don’t use them every day and you don’t want to be able to see them every time you walk in your bathroom.

Medicine cabinets and wall hung corner cupboards are really useful for storing smaller items and pharmaceuticals that need to be kept high up out of reach of small children; these types of storage fit into spaces that would otherwise be unused and wasted, too. The spaces over the basin and over the toilet are especially popular locations.

Drawer units are good for storing items you want easy access to: keep a pile of rolled towels in a drawer for instant access to a fresh, clean towel for unexpected guests and store small bottles and jars in trays in a top drawer, where you can see and access each individual item without any trouble.

Finally, tall cabinets are great as a combination solution: they take up minimal floor space but offer lots of internal space in return, and their internal storage can be divided into sections according to ease of access. Keep your less frequently used pieces at the top and bottom of the cabinet and your regular use items in the middle, where you can get at them without difficulty.

Thinking all the permutations of your household’s bathroom storage requirements through before you hit the shops will prevent you getting sidetracked by deals on cheap bathroom furniture that’s well priced but not right for you, or becoming waylaid by a salesman with an unsuitable product to sell to you.

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